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Filmhuis Den Haag Presents: Dune


Welcome to a month-long celebration of "Dune" at Filmhuis Den Haag, where we've curated an exceptional lineup featuring all iterations of this iconic saga. From the highly anticipated "Dune: Part One" and the newly released "Dune: Part Two," to David Lynch's visionary interpretation and the revealing documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune," our program offers a comprehensive exploration of this beloved universe.

Adding to the magic, we're proud to host special analog screenings on 70mm and 35mm formats, allowing cinephiles to experience the grandeur and detail of "Dune" in its most authentic cinematic presentation.

Our programmer Thomas about Dune

"When the opportunity arose to showcase Dune: Part Two in glorious 70mm, we couldn't resist. It was more than just a screening; it was a chance to gather all things Dune under one roof. This franchise has undoubtedly become the Star Wars of our era, with each new installment marking a milestone in contemporary pop culture.

At our event, not only will you experience Dune: Part Two on classic 70mm film, but we've also curated the digital versions of both parts. Additionally, we're thrilled to present a beautiful 35mm print of David Lynch's 1984 adaptation, alongside the enlightening documentary, Jodorowsky’s Dune. It's a unique opportunity to delve deep into Frank Herbert’s universe, seen through the distinct lenses of three visionary directors."

Dune on Analog film

We proudly present "Dune: Part Two" in stunning 70mm and David Lynch's visionary 1984 adaptation on 35mm film. These exclusive screenings celebrate the art of filmmaking with unparalleled clarity and texture, offering audiences a rare chance to delve into the rich landscapes and narratives of both cinematic masterpieces. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness these iconic films in their most authentic and immersive formats.

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Van maandag t/m zondag is de kassa van 10.00 tot 22.00 uur open. Ons café is open van 10.00 tot 00.00 uur. Kom dus heerlijk ontbijten, een kop koffie drinken, lunchen of vegetarisch dineren. We kijken ernaar uit!


Info over tickets, prijzen en kadobonnen vind je op de bezoekerspagina. Vragen? De kassa is telefonisch (070-3656030) bereikbaar op maandag tot en met vrijdag tussen 10:30 en 12:30 uur. Je kunt ook een mailtje sturen naar

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