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At Filmhuis Den Haag, it's all about the love for Film

Film offers countless stories and visions and challenges you to empathise with others. Filmhuis Den Haag aims to be a vibrant meeting place that is all about inspiration, education & talent and social connection. From international cinema to new work by makers from The Hague, from classics to premieres and from education labs to panel discussions: we offer the diverse city a stage to experience, make and show. Not only in the Filmhuis itself, but also in the rest of the city, Filmhuis Den Haag organises screenings and encounters with film as a starting point, for and with the residents of The Hague and the region, in cooperation with local and national partners.

Using the universal language of film, Filmhuis Den Haag entices visitors to delve into other perspectives. As far as we are concerned, film is the ultimate empathy machine: a tool against navel-gazing and a stimulus to enrich your own identity with new experiences. Global quality cinema is the basis from which we develop our social and educational programming. Because Filmhuis Den Haag is more than just a place where films are shown, and showing films does not stop at the walls of our building.

To realise our mission, we distinguish three core tasks: providing artistic inspiration, stimulating education & talent development and facilitating social encounters.

English spoken and English subs

At Filmhuis Den Haag, we strive to make Film accessible to everyone. In an international city like The Hague, we aim to make our programme accessible to a wider audience and thereby promote cultural exchange and understanding, by having multiple screenings with EN subs each week. Check out our agenda below to see which screenings contain EN subs. Select 'English spoken' in the agenda for the list of English-language films.

Films available with EN subs this week

Dogtooth (re-release)

''Lanthimos' ultimate strange but oh-so-beautiful breakthrough. Gaslighting to the fullest,'' according to programmer, Thomas Foster.

Deep Sea

A girl gets lost in a dreamy deep-sea world in this swirling animation.


'Hors-saison' tenderly explores missed opportunities and renewed connections between a well-known actor from Paris and a piano teacher on the rugged Breton coast.


In a small French community in 1870, Rosalie, a woman with exceptional body hair, tries to save her deeply indebted husband Abel's café by growing her beard, in Stéphanie Di Giusto's feminist film inspired by the bearded lady Clémentine Delait.

Fucking Åmål (re-release)

"Imagine being a teenager living in Åmål. Then, as a girl, falling in love with the most popular girl in school. A delightful coming-of-age film where everyone is allowed to be themselves," according to project leader Filmhub Zuid-Holland, Eveline van Stuijvenberg.

Nata Per Te

"No one should have to justify their desire to become a parent," the lawyer said in 'Nata Per Te'. The film eschews facile rhetoric and treats the true story of a single gay man who wants to adopt a newborn girl with Down syndrome with love and great humanity,'' according to head of programming Leendert de Jong.

Le gang des Bois du Temple (Previously Unreleased)

A robbery on the outskirts of Paris leads to tragedy, in a film where reality comes down hard on the dream of a better life.


Construction worker Stefan discovers the invisible beauty of life through his encounter with moss researcher ShuXiu.

Explanation for Everything

In summer Budapest, Ábel's final exams are disrupted by love troubles and social tensions.

The Monk and the Gun

Kingdom of Bhutan, 2006. Modernisation has finally arrived. Bhutan becomes the last country in the world to be connected to the internet and television, and the biggest change of all: democracy. To teach people to vote, the authorities organise sham elections, but the locals seem unconvinced. Travelling to rural Bhutan, where religion is more popular than politics, the election supervisor discovers that a monk is planning a mysterious ceremony for election day.

Un homme et un femme

Following the death of Anouk Aimée, we are screening her most iconic film 'Un Homme et une Femme' again at Filmhuis Den Haag.