Sweet Dreams - EN subs Filmhuis Denhaag

Ena Sendijarevic

Sweet Dreams - EN subs

A drama that takes us to an Indonesian island in the aftermath of the colonial era.

On a remote Indonesian island, during the waning days of the colonial era, Dutch sugar manufacturer Jan (Hans Dagelet) suddenly falls dead in front of his wife Agathe (Renée Soutendijk). Their estranged son Cornelis (Florian Myjer) and his heavily pregnant wife Josefien (Lisa Zweerman) arrive from the Netherlands to take over the family business. To everyone's dismay, Jan's concubine Siti (Hayati Aziz) turns out to play a key role in his will. In the midst of an uprising by Indonesian workers, a cat-and-mouse game begins from which no one will emerge unscathed. Sweet Dreams combines ruthless satire and an exuberant aesthetic in a story about the demise of European colonialism.

'Reminiscent of some David Lynch films' - ★★★★ Trouw
'Sendijarevic doesn't shy away from anything' - ★★★★ NRC
'Sendijarevic's eye for composition is flawless' - ★★★★ de Volkskrant
'Packages criticism in absurdist, dryly funny, almost theatrical scenes' - ★★★ VPRO Cinema

Regisseur Ena Sendijarevic
Cast Renée Soutendijk, Florian Myjer, Lisa Zweerman
Land Nederland
Taal Nederlands, Bahasa
Ondertiteling English
Speelduur 102 min


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