remarkable young female directors

Opening ENFF - Slovenian shorts

The opening of IN FOCUS: Slovenian New, Vibrant Cinema. ENFF proudly presents four awarded short fiction films made by remarkable young female directors.

Vesna Goodbye by Sara Kern - shows the impressive and unusual ways kids can cope with the loss of their mother. Winner of the Vesna Award for Best Original Audiovisual Work at the Festival of Slovenian Film.

Sisters by Katarina Resek Kukla - is about three best friends, modern-day sworn virgins. A brilliant, powerful film about gender identity in a patriarchal society and girls who cannot accept the roles they have been given. Winner of the Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand.

Concert by Barbara Zemljic - won best short film in the Female Perspective programme at the World of Film International Festival. A compelling reflection on the dramatic life-changing story of a teenager preparing for a concert as a guitar duo.

The Right One by Urska Djukic & Gabriel Tzafka - opened the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, and follows a possessive mother, a loving son, the fiancée's first visit, a silent witness. Four players around a pie, filmed in a single shot.

Soma by Sandra Jovanovska - we thought we were made of dust, but in fact, we are just spirits. A fascinating, grotesque stop-motion animation that deals with the theme of addiction with originality. 


This screening starts with a welcome by Rada Sesic, ENFF Director.

Regisseur remarkable young female directors
Land Slovenia e.a.
Taal Slovenian
Ondertiteling English
Speelduur 63 min

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