Martin Turk

ENFF: Don't forget to breathe

A refined, intimate drama of love, jealousy, friendship, brotherhood, and life in a province where beautiful nature plays a big role.

A sincere, atmospheric and intimate film about the fragility, jealousy, first love and strong emotions that one teenager has to overcome. The best fiction film at the Festival of Slovenian Film.

Klemen (15) adores his older brother Peter (18), who is his idol and best friend. The boys, raised by a single mother, are growing up in a small town in the countryside and spend their days on the tennis court, training to be champions. When Peter falls in love with the beautiful Sonja, everything changes.

Introduction and Q&A by director Martin Turk

Martin was born in 1978 in Trieste, Italy. He is a member of the Slovenian ethnic minority living in Italy. In 1998 he moved to Slovenia to study film directing at the Ljubljana Film Academy (AGRFT). He graduated in 2004. He made several (short) films that traveled all around the world and won several prizes.

Regisseur Martin Turk
Land Slovenia, Italy, Croatia
Taal Slovenian
Ondertiteling English
Speelduur 98 min

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